Monday, 17 April 2017

1916: The Risen Word

Manchester Irish Writers marked the centenary of Ireland's Easter Rising in March 2016 with our event, '1916: The Risen Word' at the Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester. For '1916: the Risen Word', we wrote original poems, monologues, drama and more inspired by the events of the Rising and its aftermath. MIW received the generous support of the Embassy of Ireland for this event.

We have since published many of our pieces on this blog. For Easter 2017, here is a compilation of those posts.

Poem by Bridie Breen

By Barbara Aherne

Poem by E.M. Powell

Proclaim the Dream
Poem by Rose Morris

By Kathleen Handrick

Elizabeth's Vanishing Brogues
Poem by Kevin McMahon

By Marion Riley

By Des Farry

Summer 1979
Poem by Patrick Slevin

Both Sides of the Divide
Poem by Martha Ashwell

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